Sound art

Various mediums, 2013-2015
Collection of sound sculptures, synthesizers, and experiments from the 2010s. Most were made in college, following extensive research in industrial design, architecture, and electronic music history.

Universal Mobile

Installation and performance, 2016
Collaboration with Genevieve Marsh
Documented by Lyndsay Bloom
Felled tree branches, twine rope, chalk
Averill Park, NY, USA

Constructed a mobile of the universal superstructure (planets > galaxies > universes > beyond). Invited participants to dance and express themselves with this monumental mobile.

Rain Machine

Vocal art performance, 2016
Ladder, Bucket, Water, Plastic bottles, Rocks, Microphone with Speaker System
Documented by John Butkus
Averill Park, NY, USA

Performance exploring the concept of custodianship, specifically of the Earth. Beatboxing, manufacturing jobs, and storytelling converge in a waterfall-of-consciousness. Note: the video was, sadly, blurry, and the Rain Machine is not easily seen. The object itself was composed of a leaking bucket making the sounds and patterns of rain, which I fed constantly while improvising stories and music.

Bombastic Fiddle Stump

Office water cooler, electronics, 2015
Tear off your tie, steal the water cooler, and join the Mardi Gras parade with your very own Bombastic Fiddle Stump. Inspired by the Stumpf Fiddle–or Devil’s Stick–a one-person-band classic. Collaboration with Tom Fox from Vulpestruments︎︎︎, Maya Lekova, and Saint-Clair Lefèvre. RS Components Hackathon winner at Music Tech Fest Central︎︎︎ in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Pillar of Sound

Electronics, 2014
A study of silence, expressed in architecture and music. Based on research of plumbing systems, anachoic chambers, and John Cage’s music.

Stamped Synth

Electronics, 2014
An open-circuit synthesizer you can play with bare hands, on-the-go, with zero learning gap. A manufacturable design of a classic experimental synthesizer: the cracklebox circuit. My research for Stamped Synth was featured on BBC Click︎︎︎

Prosthetic Synth

Electronics, 2013
Swing on an oscillator when you’re injured, and blast away unwanted sympathy. Based off schematics in Handmade Electronic Music by Nicolas Collins.