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Welcome to This website serves as a personal portfolio and shop, and is not intended for the collection of personal data. This website is hosted using the website builder Cargo Collective ( and is subject to their privacy policy and data use. Cargo Collective offers users the option to opt out of their use of Google Analytics. This website has opted out of the use of Google Analytics.

This website uses several services that may or may not collect your personal data. They may collect information regarding your usage in order to provide their service. Links to their respective privacy policies, as well as a link to access any data of yours they may have, is outlined clearly below.

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YouTube and Bandcamp collect cookies from users logged in to their services. By embedding YouTube and Bandcamp content, these services are enabled. For YouTube video embedding, this website has enabled ‘privacy-enhanced mode’. Under ‘privacy-enhanced mode’, cookies are not enabled until a video has been played.


This website has opted out of data tracking software, where applicable. Cookies may be used by the services outlined above. Links to their Privacy Policies are included.

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If you would like more information regarding your data, please reach out on this website ︎. Every effort will be made to clarify information. You can also find the website imprint here: Imprint