arts letters & numbers

Summer workshop, 2016
Participated in the summer workshop and 3-day festival, Zoetrope Sun. Investigating the central theme of the zoetrope, and its various conceptual underpinnings, I collaborated on a variety of artworks with several artists, across mediums. Learn more about their extraordinary work, bridging everything from writing, paintings, mime, cooking, and music on their website: arts letters & numbers︎︎︎

Universal Mobile

Installation and performance, 2016
collaboration with Genevieve Marsh

Felled tree branches, twine rope, chalk
Averill Park, NY, USA
Documented by Lynday Bloom
Constructed a mobile of the universe, based of current concepts of universal superstructure: ... Invited participants to dance and express themselves with this mini-universe.

Rain Machine

Vocal art performance, 2016

Ladder, Bucket, Water, Plastic bottles, Rocks, Microphone with Speaker System
Averill Park, NY, USA
Documented by John Butkus
Performance exploring the concept of custodianship, specifically of the Earth. Beatboxing, manufacturing jobs, and storytelling converge in a waterfall-of-consciousness.

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